The Tempest

Hammerpuzzle take on Shakespeare’s last work in a tilted reimagining of the classic tale.  Interweaving dynamic imagery with live music and choral song, this lyrical re-telling collides magic events, questionable morals and a cast of characters out of their depth. Ultimately, we are all castaways, seeking direction.

Playful, irreverent and high energy, Hammerpuzzle’s The Tempest is an ensemble storm that casts the audience upon unfamiliar shores.

Running Time approx. 60 mins


  • Adapted and Devised by the company
  • Writer – Tamsin Kennard
  • Director – Sam Grogan
  • Producers – Lizzy Cummins & Jay Oliver Yip
  • Company Manager – Suzanne Booth
  • Costume Design – Megan Keegan

CAST 2011/2012

  • Victoria Akers
  • Ben Britton
  • Lizzy Cummins
  • Rebecca Jade Hammond
  • Barnaby Hatch/Bryn Holding
  • Tamsin Joanna Kennard
  • Jay Oliver Yip