The Spare Room

In a dark and lonely reality, a humble family exist through the monotony and boredom that has grown from their poverty. Once there was passion and warmth, now their memories of better days are merely whispers in the night, that sing along with the creaking eaves and howling wind.  It seems that this is their ever-after. But one night, a guest arrives to turn their twisted world upside down…

Following on from their successful run in July 2010, Hammerpuzzle are re-inventing their original take on Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s black comedy The Visit, blending their distinctive brand of storytelling and poetic writing to create a fully charged moral tale full of intrigue and tension.

Running Time approx. 60 mins


  • Writer – Tamsin Joanna Kennard
  • Director – Barnaby Hatch
  • Producer – Jay Oliver Yip
  • Lighting & Sound – Dan Shearing




  • Lou Cox
  • Lizzy Cummins
  • Laura Jasper
  • Danann McAleer
  • Greg Bryn Shewring


  • Ashley Bates
  • Ben Britton
  • Lou Cox
  • Lizzy Cummins
  • Laura Jasper