The Secret Party

Have you ever read a secret that opened an old wound?

Have you ever read a secret that made you cry?

Have you ever read a secret that saved your life?

Truth is – We all carry a secret that would break your heart… if you just knew what it was.

The Secret Party thrusts you into an evening already begun of drinking and contrived fun. Sam the host is throwing a party at his swanky flat. He has a new job in the City, a credit card still being paid by mummy and daddy, and he’s a riot to be around… so why has no one arrived yet?

Let the games begin, the tensions rise, and the secrets confess… as the early hours of dawn set in we watch the party take an unexpected turn into an evening that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The Secret Party is a tragic comedy looking at the isolation of those secrets we harbor inside us. Inspired by Frank Warren’s Post Secret Phenomenon, we use the real life secrets of people from all around the world who found courage in sending Frank their secret anonymously on the back of a postcard. Please join us in an evening that promises to entertain after all everyone has been to an eventful party and this one is no exception to the rule.

Running Time approx. 60 mins


  • Director – Rebecca Jade Hammond
  • Writers – Tamsin Joanna Kennard & Rebecca Jade Hammond
  • Producer – Tamsin Kennard
  • Company Manager – Jay Yip
  • Stage Manager – Ellen Goddard
  • Deputy Stage Manager – Lizzy Cummins
  • Mentor – Andy Burden



  • Madelaine Alcock
  • Catherine Capelin
  • Matt Ferdenzi
  • George Goding
  • Alex Griffiths
  • Sophie Hatton
  • Laura Jasper
  • Danny Solomon