The Sea R&D

During the week of the 14th-18th September 2020 Hammerpuzzle spent time with a number of creatives, exploring “The Sea” through online R&D.

This all took place on Zoom to make it accessible and “Covid-safe” for all.

Through the course of the week we explored verbatim, poems, movement, stories, song and more. It was a joyful, surprising and productive week.

By the end we had created:


The creatives involved were:

Director: Bryn Holding
Writer/Composer/Artistic Director: Tamsin Kennard
Producer/Company Director: Lizzy Stephens
Designer: Zoe Brennan
Sound Designer: Joseff Harris
Movement Director: Sophie Cottle
Performers: Edem-Ita Duke, Danann McAleer, Ruth Page, Katy Sobey, Liyah Summers