The Sea R&D

Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company presents, ‘THE SEA’, a piece of audio theatre.

Please listen with headphones if you can 🎧.

During lockdown, Hammerpuzzle worked with 10 artists to begin researching and developing a concept for a new piece of work that explores our human connection to the sea. Using a multitude of different mediums and stimulus we spent 5 days together on Zoom as an ensemble; the following piece of audio theatre was put together during that time. It was recorded remotely, partly through Zoom, to ensure safe practise at this time, and is intended as a fresh, instinctive and immediate record of what we discovered during the R&D.

The monologues and two person conversation you will hear as part of this piece are made up of verbatim responses from people who have had a close connection with the sea. We are so grateful to those member of the community for lending us their words and thoughts, and extend a special thank you to them all.


Director: Bryn Holding

Producer: Lizzy Stephens

Writer: Tamsin Kennard

Sound designer: Joseff Harris

Set and visual designer: Zoë Brennan

Movement Director: Sophie Cottle

Ensemble company: Edam-Ita Duke, Danann McAleer, Ruth Page, Katy Sobey, Liyah Summers

Work experience participants: Benjamin Lovell, Chloe McDonald, Shu-Wen Tung


This would not have been possible without emergency funding from the Arts Council England.

The closing song is ‘Deep Blue Sea’, a folk song that has had many iterations in its lifetime. This version is originally arranged and performed by Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage who kindly gave us permission to use their version and lyric additions. You can listen to their excellent music here:

Through the course of the week we also created a collection of poems:

Hammerpuzzle Sea Poetry Collection