The Owl and The Pussycat


The Owl and the Pussycat love each other very much, they long for adventures in a land where they can be together, and most importantly be accepted for who they are.

Join them to embark on the most wonderful journey, full of laughter, discovery and celebration, as they sail away on a pea green boat to find a place they can call home…

A story of joy, friendship and acceptance – and how life is so much more fun when you share it with the ones you love.

Presented by Hammerpuzzle in association with The Everyman Theatre

Running time approx. 45 minutes.

Creative Team

  • Writer/Composer – Tamsin Kennard
  • Director – Bryn Holding
  • Producer – Lizzy Stephens
  • Original Design – Zoë Brennan
  • Remount Design – Ruby Brown
  • Original Design Assistant – Mimi Donaldson
  • Original Rehearsal DSM – Rachel Bell
  • Remount DSM – Rosie Giarratana
  • Lighting Design/DSM – Corin Hayes (Production Manager, Everyman Studio)

Original Cast

  • Edem-Ita Duke
  • Ruth Page
  • Katy Sobey

Remount Cast

  • Noah Olaoye
  • Ruth Page
  • Katy Sobey