Measure for Measure

Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, has temporarily passed all power over to his deputy, Angelo. In his new position, Angelo’s first action is to outlaw the act of love making outside the ties of wedlock; anyone found breaking this law shall be sentenced to death.

A young gentleman by the name of Claudio is the first to suffer from this new sanction, as his wife to be, falls pregnant with his child. Isabella, Claudio’s sister, pleads with Angelo to be reasonable. However, to free her brother, she has to make a decision which challenges her every belief and existence.

In this new adaptation, we plunge ourselves into a world ruled by male dominance, corruption, and lust, leaving ourselves questioning our moral beliefs in the society we live in today. Fusing music, visual imagery and the power of Shakespeare’s poetry, Hammerpuzzle’s Measure for Measure is sure to seduce any audience with its sheer vibrancy.

Running Time approx. 60 mins


  • Adapted and Devised by the company
  • Writer – Tamsin Joanna Kennard
  • Director – Barnaby Hatch
  • Producers – Lizzy Cummins & Jay Oliver Yip
  • Company Manager – Suzanne Booth



  • Vicci Akers
  • Ben Britton
  • Lizzy Cummins
  • Sam Grogan
  • Rebecca Jade Hammond
  • Barnaby Hatch
  • Tamsin Joanna Kennard
  • Jay Oliver Yip


  • Vicci Akers
  • Ben Britton
  • Laura Fautley
  • Ellen Goddard
  • Tamsin Joanna Kennard
  • Gareth Lloyd
  • Jay Oliver Yip
  • Andrew Wisbey