Agamemnon: Stripped, Re-loaded, Re-told

A Daughter. A Husband. A Wife

Sacrificed. Butchered. Avenged.

A drum beat. A war cry. A wife scorned. A God to please. A child sacrificed. A city burnt. A Queen possessed. A ceaseless cycle of revenge…

In this radically reinvented version of Aeschylus’ timeless classic, ‘Agamemnon’, Hammerpuzzle boldly fuse live original music, poetry, colour and ritual movement to create an arresting theatrical event.

Running Time approx. 60 mins


  • Adapted and Devised by graduating Performing Arts students, Bath Spa University.
  • Produced by Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company


  • Marissa Anderson
  • James Armstrong
  • Victoria Akers
  • Luci Bestic
  • Ben Britton
  • Sean Boulton
  • T.J Chappell
  • Lizzy Cummins
  • Gary Fakes
  • Sarah Fullagar
  • Ellen Goddard
  • Barnaby Hatch
  • Karina Hilleard
  • Sarah Horton
  • Laura Jasper
  • Tamsin Joanna Kennard
  • Stacie Lewis
  • Cem Pakiry-Turgut
  • Andrew Wisbey
  • Jay Yip